visual essay

TLTRNW (Too Long To Read And Write) is a thought experiment that envisions new breeds of languages by exploring stenography (shorthand), symbolic compressions of language and it's relationship to

In the non-commercial section of Art Rotterdam 2015, artist Reinaart Vanhoe ran a xerox copy-and-paste-DIY bookmaking workspace called "My booth is your booth". Kimmy Spreeuwenberg and I were invited to participate and present our work called "My JSTOR is your JSTOR". 

Playing around with, a website that uses face detection technology by Luxand, Inc. to predict what your baby will look like. Through testing, I was trying to understand the technical function as well as the political, cultural and emotional undercurrents driving the system from the perspective of system maker and user. In my experiments with the software I found racially dubious categorisations and absurd misidentification.

Visual essay for Roodkapje magazine # 1 Post Slack. Resistance to ≠ endorsement of the forced capitalistic mode of production.