Meditations on the Indranet follows the philosophical Buddhist metaphor 'Net of Indra' in which Indra's celestial Net is used as a model of our interconnected universe. This imperial net is made of all jewels. Each eye of the net is a jewelyou can think of them as nodes. “Because the jewels are clear, they reflect each other’s images, appearing in each other’s reflections upon reflections, ad infinitum, all appearing at once in one jewel, and in each one it is so—ultimately there is no coming and going.”

The work translates this metaphor into an interactive installation exploring how virtuality parallels spirituality; a plastic connectedness. Fragmented yet connected and existing in one space, this piece consists of 36 separate diamonds pieces, each embodying an individual node within the formation of the larger diamond. The diamond shape also suggests an expression of reflection, containing the presence of the viewer within this model of an universe. The work invites the viewer to search for their own perfect universe by rearranging the pieces to construct their own narrative and thus redefining the overall shape or reading fragments. This open structure aims to transcend the conventional reading experience, as it becomes both a mental and physical one.