Prediction TV


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What: Solo exhibition "Prediction TV - Para-rational Research Station"
Where: Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam

Prediction TV was a television station where the visitors of MAMA had the opportunity to become news reporters for their own weather and economic predictions. This project was an extension of a research on the role of prediction and the mechanism of self-fulfilling prophecy in modern society.

The program of Prediction TV focused on predicting two chaotic systems: the weather and the economy. The first channel reverses common sense understanding of the causal relationship between mood and weather. The second channel was premised on the reversal of the statement, 'economic crisis affects depression' to 'depression affects economic crisis' as a way to trigger discussion on topics such as the inquiry of knowledge and irrational versus rational methods of predicting the future.

Maps were drawn based on interviews and bodily information collected from para-rational technologies to be further interpreted for predictions. Presentations by the visitor using blue-screen technique turned them into reporters of their own predictions which was aired on the Prediction TV site. During the show, artists and researchers, Darija Medic, Danny van der Kleij and Freek de Haan, gave presentations on various aspects of the relationship between the imagination and reality.

This work was first manifested as Mood Radar, an interactive performance exhibited at TENT and V2. Mood Radar is a personal weather forecasting system based on people's mood presence using divining rods as a way to measure and interpret this connection.

As a part of the show, graphic design was utilized to help construct a support system that creates reality through the aesthetics of legitimacy. I designed the corporate identity including logo, posters, flyers, infographics and the official website of the TV station.

Para-rational technology # 1: Economic Depression Detection predicts your weekly economy

Sara and Irena present their map drawn by para-rational technology #1: Economic Depression Detection.

Para-rational technology # 2: Diving Rod predicts the weather

Choshaell present their map drawn by para-rational technology #2: Diving Rod.

Please official website for full video and photo documentation.