Serenity Department officially has an online space! It is the home of affective labour as research and financial labour as webshop.

A three-part aural brew and online grimoire that casts its gaze out from a closed-door coven of potluck workshops + secret societies + spa retreats + fests of slumber (aka …pwsssrfs…) that took place at Motel Spatie in the winter of 2020.

An expanded publication in the form of a semipermeable curtain and website for the Artists’ Book Library, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong.

More info coming

More info coming

BENJI™ is a speculative fiction that explores bio-information as a commodity and consequently envisions the prospects of genetic discrimination and the increasing personalisation of marketing strategies.

More info coming

TLTRNW (Too Long To Read and Write) is a collection of sketches that explores abbreviation, compression and fragmentation in relation to how we consume and produce information and work in the digital age and beyond. It is a thought experiment into how we might communicate in the future, and further investigates how technology shapes those who in turn shape the form, meaning and the medium of the information.

Eyesberg played a double function again organising and designing the identity for Zine Camp at WORM this year. We made the posters, flyers, website and navigational signage. In the same spirit as Zine Camp 2014, the aim was to make zines together, but also to provide a space to socialize and collaborate in an attempt to discover and foster a growing community of zine-makers in the NL and abroad.

Working under Eyesberg (Tim Braakman and myself) we organised and designed the identity of Zine Camp, a DIY festival with open workspaces connecting like-minded zinesters and newbies from Rotterdam to national/international zinesters and newbies. The aim was to make zines together, but also to provide a space and place to socialize and collaborate in an attempt to discover and foster a growing community of zine-makers in the NL. In collaboration with WORM, PrintRoom and Rekult.


Prediction TV is a television station where the visitors of MAMA have the opportunity to become news reporters for weather and economic predictions. This project is an extension of a research on the role of prediction and the mechanism of self-fulfilling prophecy in modern society. The program of Prediction TV focuses on predicting two chaotic systems: the weather and the economy. The first channel reverses common sense understanding of the causal relationship between mood and weather.


Mood Radar is a personal weather forecasting system based on your mood presence. On the opening night, visitors received a personal reading in a semi-autonomous space resembling both weather station and gypsy caravan that was parked outside of TENT on the Witte de Withstraat. Inside the Mood Radar lab-caravan a divining rod specially designed using a para-rational approach measured the body’s unconscious movements and bio-electric signals to draw up a map of the visitors mood. 

Ongoing project officially since 2013 and unofficially since 2010. Holy Crapparel is for re-used material, DIY practices and the makeshift. I also designed the website in a way that shows the relationship between 3 important steps of how my practice: finished work shows what I did, process shows how I developed the project and references shows what I was inspired by. Darija Medic did a wonderful job building and realising site.

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