Workshop at Mine Yours Ours festival


Where: Mine, Yours, Ours festival at Drugo More in Rijeka, Croatia 
Duration: 3 hours

This is a workshop on how to make, apply and activate various kinds of invisible inks such as lemon juice, starch, milk, baking soda and saliva. Prior to commencing this workshop, I printed three invisible ink recipes in their corresponding invisible inks and posted them up in the vicinity of the festival grounds. As a workshop organiser, do the same in a high-traffic area. I handed participants the locations marked on a printed map. However, you can also choose to communicate the whereabouts of the posted recipes in less obvious ways such as with a riddle. Divide into two groups (if your group is larger than twelve people, divide into four smaller groups) and go out and search for the invisible ink recipes posted around the area. On the posted recipe written in invisible ink there is a visible key that tells you how to activate the ink. After activation, follow the recipe to make your own invisible ink. Try to experiment with this technique by communicating with the other group through the medium of invisible ink.